Monday, January 20, 2020

“And to the Republic for which it stands...” The Divine Will

“And to the Republic for which it stands...” 

Just watched an interview with one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate.  He continually used the term “western democracies” and referred to our government as a “constitutional democracy.”  This woeful misunderstanding is across the board. A state of confusion and ineptness can be the only result. 

It is a republic that truly protects minority interests and safeguards them from the tyranny of the majority - democracy.  In a true democracy small states would have no voice in the national government. 


The Republic recognizes the Divine Will as the source of its origin. The democracy sees its right to rule in the will of the people. A Republic is a manifestation of the will of God being done on the earth. “In the exercise of His will He brought us forth by the word of truth, so that we would be a kind of first fruits among His creatures.” James 1:18  Feigning pious prayerfulness while denying the right to life of our most vulnerable citizens is evidence of nothing more than a deceptive “angel of light.” 

From a young Ethiopian woman now a citizen of this Republic: “This country was founded upon the Constitution, was built on Godly principles and we’re gonna fight for that...And I just want to encourage you guys to pray every day for this nation.” She was addressing a meeting called by our Chief Executive. And then she began to pray...”Jesus I ask you to protect us and walk with us and in Jesus’ name the enemy tries to attack us every single day, He tries to discourage us but he has no room.  He has no room, no more, and that’s all I have to say.”


A republic provides security - a democracy breeds insecurity.  A republic will tolerate - even appreciate the democratic; but the democratic will seek to destroy the republic for it sees her as a threat. Initiative is encouraged in a republic while it is suppressed in a democracy. It is a republican form of government that has made this nation great through the release of innovation/invention/creativity - entrepreneurship. 


As 1787 heralded the birth of a New Republic, 1789 witnessed the fore-shrouding of the democratic tragedy known as the French Revolution. A counterfeit only exists as a result of the genuine - and is parasitic. It will attempt to suck the lifeblood out of the living organism. 

‘Voltaire’s mad cry, “Down with the scoundrel,” was aimed at Christ himself, but this cry was merely the expression of the most hidden thought from which the French Revolution sprang. The fanatic outcry of another philosopher, “We no more need a God,” and the odious shibboleth, “No God, no Master,” of the Convention; —these were the sacrilegious watchwords which at that time heralded the liberation of man as an emancipation from all Divine Authority.’ [Abraham Kuyper. Lectures on Calvinism - Prime Minister of the Netherlands - 1901-05]

France which can be said to be one of the most secular - God-less - nations still celebrates July 14, 1789 - Bastille Day - as its primary national holiday. Yet, an impotent democracy had to rely of the might of a Republic to rescue it from oblivion in 1917 and then again in 1944. 

“one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

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